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5 Best Services myPOS Offers

Chances are that the main thing that attracted you to myPOS is, well, the POS solution that we offer – our terminals are affordable, multi-functional and very convenient, allowing you to accept payments whenever you want, wherever you are, all without paying a cent in monthly or annual fees. But which of the additional services that myPOS offers as part of our complete payments solution is the best?

myPOS Online now accepts Bancontact cards


We are happy to announce that myPOS merchants can now accept Bancontact cards through myPOS Online too! The best part is it does not matter which functionality is used: be it PayButton, PayLink or myPOS Checkout – in all these cases myPOS merchants will be able to accept payments with Bancontact cards.

Selling abroad and the impact of cross-border payments

Selling abroad and the impact of crossborder payments

Selling abroad can boost your business, and the rise of digital technologies makes it easier than ever. However, it can be quite challenging for a small business. If you are planning to open your doors to the world or you just noticed inefficiencies in your online sales strategy, here are three important points you need to consider.