5 Things We Hope to Bring You in the Next 5 Years

It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s been five years since we went on this incredible journey together, a journey over which we helped thousands of merchants all across the EEA, processed millions of payments, expanded our solution to be as universal as possible and opened numerous stores in major European cities.

5 Best Services myPOS Offers

Chances are that the main thing that attracted you to myPOS is, well, the POS solution that we offer – our terminals are affordable, multi-functional and very convenient, allowing you to accept payments whenever you want, wherever you are, all without paying a cent in monthly or annual fees. But which of the additional services that myPOS offers as part of our complete payments solution is the best?

5 Industries myPOS Is Most Popular In

myPOS is suitable for literally any business out there in need of taking payments. But which industries trust myPOS the most, and what exactly drew them to us? Let’s take a peek at the numbers and figure out the top 5 most popular industries among myPOS merchants!

5 Ways We’re Unique in the Payments Industry

When you run a business – any kind of business – you need to stand out by providing something unique, something your competitors don’t have which your customers would want. This could be something as simple as being the only shop for a specialized product in a small town, or perhaps offering a service that your direct competition doesn’t really provide.

5 Great Things Our Clients Say About Us

myPOS, like pretty much any company, would be nothing without its clients – after all, how can we help your business grow if there is no business? Indeed, keeping our merchants satisfied is our utmost priority, which is why we always do our best to help them out, providing them with on-point support and with services relevant to their business regardless of their industry.

How to prepare your business for the holiday season

How to prepare your business for the holiday season

It’s holiday time again! The shopping rush kicked off on Black Friday and will continue until New Year. Consumers have switched to a buying mood and retailers now have a chance to skyrocket sales. Not sure where to start with the holiday preparations? We’ve put together a few tips that will help you.

When to Start Preparing for Christmas

Although it started as a purely American invention, by now most of us probably know about Black Friday. The last Friday of November, when most businesses usually declare massive sales for one or several days. According to a popular legend the event gained its name because that’s when businesses go from being in the “red” (losing money) to being in the “black” (profiting).

3 Easy Steps for Creating an Online Shop

Creating an online store for your brand seems like a no-brainer – you can reach a lot more people than with just a physical location, earning far more profits and brand recognition in the process. But expanding to online storefronts isn’t as easy as it sounds, and many businesses just like yours have failed at it. So how do you avoid making their mistakes and ensure your shop becomes a success?

What Is GDPR and How Does It Affect You?

A few months ago, you were most likely bombarded by e-mails from pretty much every site you use with headlines like “We’ve updated our privacy policy”. In all honesty, we don’t blame you if you simply disregarded them without giving them a second thought.