Case Studies

How Bodega restaurants win customers with myPOS

It may seem that running a food place is a simple task – after all you can get food nearly everywhere and these places look like they can never go out of business. The truth, however, is rather different. Operating a restaurant has never been easy and to become great in this business you must offer impeccable services to every guest all the time.

myPOS and taxi companies – a great combination!

There’s no doubt that the world of taxi companies is very competitive. In every city or even town there are at least several taxi companies competing for a limited pool of customers. So to make it in this business you have to be nearly perfect – your cars must be new and tidy, you must be always on time picking up or dropping a customer off and you must also offer convenience when the moment for payment comes.

Cabman, myPOS and the all-in-one cab management system

About Cabman Cabman is a leading Dutch company dedicated to developing innovative software and hardware solutions for the taxi industry. Currently, the company is working with more than 500 taxi companies with a total fleet of 25.000+ cabs using Cabman’s software and vehicle equipment. The challenge The taxi industry has been undergoing major disruptions over…

The yummy story of Takinoa food place in Lausanne, Switzerland


Inspired by the vision of affordable high-end payment solutions, myPOS has been empowering small and medium businesses for growth since 2014. By providing a comprehensive solution for instore and online cashless payments at unrivalled efficiency, it has become part of the success of more than 55,000 businesses across Europe. 55,000 unique stories, more than 15 000 000 euro saved annually to our clients from subscription and other fees. myPOS has the pleasure of presenting one of them to you – the yummy story of Takinoa food place.