CSV file format export now available in myPOS

How to export CSV files in myPOS

At myPOS, our goal is not only to enable small and medium businesses to accept payments in-store and online. We know how important is for them to have easy access to valuable business data. Without it, business owners wouldn’t be able to analyse the actual performance and make well-informed decisions in the short and the…

What’s new in myPOS mobile app for Android?

accepting payments myPOS mobile app for Android and Virtual terminal

With the last update, we made accepting payments from the app even easier At myPOS we know that being flexible and mobile is really vital for the smooth running of your business. That is why, we keep adding cool new features to the myPOS mobile app, so you can freely use all services, which myPOS…

Keep your business connected with myPOS DATA Card

Keep your business connected with myPOS DATA Card

At myPOS, we are really passionate about helping our clients prosper and providing them with cutting-edge innovations and services to overcome their payment challenges. Our latest effort in that direction is myPOS DATA Card – a FREE SIM card, ensuring myPOS Devices stay connected everywhere in Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….

SEPA and SWIFT money transfers – what is the difference?

SEPA and SWIFT money transfers - what is the difference?

At myPOS we enable clients to make SEPA and SWIFT transfers securely and safely through the online account or myPOS mobile app. However, if you are not particularly familiar with finances, you might be wondering what exactly these types of transfers mean, what’s the difference between the two and how they benefit your business. Let’s…

How Multi-Operator Mode & Tipping Feature Work

How Multi-Operator Mode & Tipping Feature Work

Achieving success requires hard work, innovations and taking care of the smallest details, that don’t seem to have direct impact on your business profits at first sight. However, when you look at the big picture everything changes. myPOS features of such kind are Tipping feature and Multi-operator mode that you can find in the menu…

Payment Trends and Innovations in Retail and Hospitality

Payment Trends-Innovations-in-Retail-Hospitality-Lodging-Accommodation

Over the past few years, the disruptive payment technologies have utterly changed and transformed the business reality. The retail and the hospitality industries make no exception. What are the top payment trends and innovations in the retail and the hospitality industries? What positive changes they are bringing to customers and businesses? Read below to find…