Do you know POS terminals are easy?


There are a lot of trends in the modern world but one of them is obvious – technology has permeated into pretty much every aspect of today’s life. For instance, you can find computers everywhere – in your house and office, inside your car, in your microwave oven, in your smartphone, even in your TV…

How to manage your business from your smartphone

How to manage your business from your smartphone

As a business owner, you know how challenging is to manage everything when you travel on business, or you’re just out of the office for the day. The good news is that with more advanced technologies, faster internet connection and smarter devices, you can handle almost all business operations from a smartphone. Here are some useful apps to help you go mobile.

Selling abroad and the impact of cross-border payments

Selling abroad and the impact of crossborder payments

Selling abroad can boost your business, and the rise of digital technologies makes it easier than ever. However, it can be quite challenging for a small business. If you are planning to open your doors to the world or you just noticed inefficiencies in your online sales strategy, here are three important points you need to consider.